Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Vaseline Cocoa glow Vs Nivea nourishing body milk : Product Review

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This is my first time that i am reviewing any product. Whats better than to start with our daily use body lotion. As New Year is around the corner so as winters, the first essential thing in winter is our skin care and we all use body lotion to pamper. i have used two products first Vaseline cocoa glow and second Nivea body milk.

Vaseline cocoa butter- 24hr nourishing lotion for soft and glowing skin

When your skin is healthy, it glows. But when skin is dry, its surface becomes uneven and rough, its looks dull.
Coca butter deep conditioning lotion penetrates deeply to smooth away roughness and the appearance of dark spots, igniting skin's  natural glow at the source.

Price: Rs 190; 300 ml

My Experience

When i saw my Body Shop body lotion getting empty with out any second thought i decided to try something new this time and bought Vaseline Cocoa glow lotion, i tried  this product and was happy with the end result till winters arrived. It moisten your skin and absorbed well. i some how don't like the fragrance, it says cocoa but smell like coconut. In winters you need to reapply it many a times in one day.

Recommend it to others: Yes i would recommend it to others if you like the smell. Good product for summers.

Rating: 3/5

Nivea Body Milk

Long-lasting & intensive care
With goodness of Almond Oil

Although i have normal skin but time when weather changes my skin need more attention. After using Vaseline i tried Nivea, was really happy with the result. Nivea is one of those timeless cream that works perfectly and makes my skin happily soft.

Price: Rs 299; 400 ml

My Experience

The body milk is white in color. The scent is apparent as soon as the product is dispensed on the hands, being extremely rich yet surprisingly pleasant. The lotion is neither very thin nor too thick. It has smooth, creamy consistency that glides across the skin easily. It quickly absorbs into my skin without leaving any sticky or greasy feeling behind. After application I do not feel the need to wash any remaining product from my hands. The body milk provides a nourishing feeling making my dry, thirsty skin feel quenched. My skin feels soft, smooth and nourished. I don’t feel the need to reapply the lotion throughout the day but if you have extremely dry skin I think you would need to reapply it at the end of the day. The pleasant smell lasts for quite some time on my skin after application. Lovely product...

Recommend it to others: With big YES, you will love its after effect and mild fragrance.

Rating: 5/5

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Happy Winters!!