Thursday, December 19, 2013

Perfect way to wear makeup..

1) What if you use makeup from best brand but if you miss out this step everything goes worthless. Before applying any kind of makeup the must do step is to apply good moisturizer.

2)Apply Primer- this will give you the most flawless look ever

3) Pick your foundation wisely based on your skin tone. To choose best shades for you apply foundation on your neck.

4) Dab your foundation in dots, two on your forehead and each on the tip and along side of your nose ans last on your chin. Now spread well with tour fingers so that it blends well in your skin.

5)Use sponge to diffuse your foundation properly.

6) Always use translucent powder on tinted one.

7) Apply blush on your cheekbones, it makes your bone structure stand out.

8) Choose right brow pencil that give gives your brow natural and perfect look.

9) Curl your lashes, this makes your eyes look biger and brighter.

10) Don't shy from shimmer eye shadows.

11) Choose lengthening mascara.

12) Apply nude lipstick that suits well on you face tone.

13) Use highlighter to finish your look..

You are all set for your new year outing....!