Saturday, December 7, 2013

Visit to Africa - Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the oldest independent country in the world, enriched with its preserved culture. I had been to this place after my marriage, where my husband was doing his on going project. This gave great chance to experience new culture, to capture beauty of preserved nature and know people out there.

Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia, not only the political capital but also the economic and social nerve center of Ethiopia. This place is cosmopolitan as any of the world's great metropolises, and the architecture is as varied as the city itself.
Ethiopia has mixed culture of Christianity and Islamic religion. Church ceremony are a major feature of Ethiopian life and has its own head, follow its own customs. Ethiopia Islamic religion is also strong and offers colorful contrast. Ethiopia is considered as worlds fourth holy city by Muslims after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

The first human fossil was discovered in Addis Ababa, named LUCY.


There are many historic places to visit but i just got chance to visit few only because of busy working schedule of my hubby.

One of the most beautiful churches out there is Holy Trinity Cathedral, the resting place of Haille Selassie. Statues line the churches walls and fill the surrounding gardens. Photography is allowed both inside and outside of the building, with the exception of one off-limits area outside where police are posted. It is a working cathedral and you may be fortunate to observe people outside praying at its walls, or experience a mass held on its steps. There is a small fee to enter. The tombs of Selassie and his wife are in the back, behind a gate. If you ask, someone will be happy to take you there to see. Plan for an hour or more to appreciate its beauty.

Ziway Lake:-

This was my first time to visit this volcanic lake (A volcanic lake is a cap of meteoric water over the vent of an active volcano). We took one of the shortest trips, including watching hippos, interesting bird life and a visit for one of the inhabited islands.

Being a foodie i always love try different cuisine but ya as i am vegetarian, had limited options in Ethiopia.

Before i forget i would like to tell that people out there are raw meat eaters, specially cow meat.

Traditional dish out there is Injera consumed with shiro , mix veg and different dips.

Few of famous restaurant out there are (must visit one)

1) Kaldis coffee:- This use to be our everyday evening destination for snacks, coffee, tea, fresh juices and pastries....this use to be the best place to hang out with frnds and meet new resident people and yes staff out there is really friendly.

2) Cupcake Delight Factory:- Located at Bole Rd, Opp to Beer Garden...Lovely place to enjoy variety of cupcake.

3) Top View Restaurant:- The night view is indeed very enjoyable. There are different terrace where you can eat. Waiters are very professional. I would recommend the homemade pastas which was quite good and the creme caramel which are fantastic! When we visited there, some wedding celebration was going on which gave us opportunity to witness that as well with music and dance out there.

4) Beer Garden:- If you are exhausted and deserve a great refreshment. The Beer Garden has it! They brew their own beer, which is tasty and very unique. With friends you can even share a 5-liter-Bottle! The setting is great, you will really love it or come at night end enjoy the great food. The place is always full and worth to visit!!!

5) Sangam, Tabla, Jewel of India :- As name suggest all serve Indian cuisine.. they are my savior when i get tired of having pizza, pasta, burger and really miss Indian flavors . Totally Indian!!!!!!!!!

8) LUCY:- This restaurant is right next to the National Museum of Ethiopia (thus the name) and I would recommend a stop before or after your visit to the museum. The food menu is huge with lots of options, including Italian, Ethiopian. The service was excellent.. The restaurant is much larger than you would expect from the outside and has a lot of outdoor seating.... Good ambiance!

Indeed a memorable trip....!!!