Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tripping on Love with Love

Every romantic story ends with the couple riding off in to the sunset. So what ate you waiting for, just your lover, s hand and fill up the tank ( Love is not cheap), chalk all ur plans a d head on to the unknown road.

The only rule is just to have FUN

Music can do magic on the road trip. Make your travel friendly playlist....... and who knows u might get a chance to enjoy ur favorite song after ages.

Don't forget to plan some surprise for your love...

Romantic Picnic:  Pack food that is light and delicious, a bottle of her favorite drink. Chocolate covered strawberries with whipped cream and anything else your heart desires. Talk about random topics,  be silly, act playful and every once in a while steal a kiss.

Candle light dinner:  In order tell your lover how special you feel about her/him... why don't you plan a lavish dinner?  I know its sounds hectic to know to do all arrangements,  but he/she will never expect this. Pack fold-able table, delicious food, candles of-course. Play some romantic music and make him/her feel special.

Sleep under the stars:  The charm of a night under the stars cannot be described. Make a bonfire, eat food that you can roast in. Get cosy under a blanket and tell each other childhood stories.
Local delight:  Explore the local delight, take time out to go around and explore the smell, taste and enjoy culture of tge place near by.

Capture the moments:  Camera is always a star for these trips, lovely memories always sure to be captured and everyone wants to be photographed with their lover.

Well the point of this trip is to enjoy each other's company, be intimate, try new things, steal random kiss, complement each other and feel closer.

Plan your trip on the highway to heaven!