Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend special Sarso ka saag

Most easy recipe ever made.. Sarso ka Saag

Ing: Sarso ka saag 1kg, Spinach 1/2 Kg, Badhuva 1/2 Kg, Maize floor 2 Tb Sp, Green chilly  Ginger, Salt to taste, Red chilly powder, Cumin seeds, Garam masala, Ghee, Butter, water 1 cup.

Method: 1) Wash all green leafy vegetable properly and chop them.
2) Heat 2 Tb Sp oil in Kadhai , put cumin seeds, fine chopped green chilly and ginger to it. Stir well.
3)Add chopped green leafy vegetable and water to it, and cover it with lid so that it get steam property.
4) Add Maize floor and fix well, not place it aside to cool well.
5)Coarsely grind the entire mixture.
6)Put heat 2 tb sp ghee, add entire mixture to it, mix well, put salt to taste, 1 tea sp red chilly and garam masala.
7)Finally mix all well and cook for 15 mins.

Serve hot with fresh white butter and makke ke rotti.